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For the best selection of toe jacks, give a try. Choose a compact toe jack for lighter equipment. You can also find hydraulic jacks in your search. And when you need to lift equipment in tight spaces, try using a confined space toe jack. Whatever toe jack you want, it is available at

A toe jack is type piece of equipment used for lifting, loading, and relocating large or heavy equipment. In an industrial setting, a toe jack can be used to transport shipyard equipment, bridge equipment, and a toe jack can be used for other purposes that require raising weighty loads of machinery.

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The type of toe jack needed is based on the application for which it will be used. For lighter masses, spanning from about 5-15 tons, try using a ratchet toe jack. If the weight is more moderate, 15-25 tons, a bottle neck toe jack may be best. And with weights exceeding that limit by 5-10 tons a compact toe jack may possibly be a better solution.

The ratchet toe jack is a mechanical, hand operated jack. This toe stands in an upright position and can vary in height. Compared to other toe jacks, the ratchet toe jack is pretty light weight. It can weigh from about 30 lbs. to 105 lbs., making the toe jack more portable. Another great feature that the ratchet toe jack has is its double-lever sockets. These sockets allow one to use the toe jack in areas where space is limited.

A bottle neck toe jack still carries over the basic functions of the ratchet toe jack, but has the capacity for greater weight. This toe jack can lift items with low clearance and has a added feature of the turn leveler being able to rotate 360 degrees. With this feature, the tool can be operated from any angle.

In situation where larger amounts of equipment need to be lifted, a compact toe jack may be ideal. The compact toe jack has the capability of being used for both lifting and pushing. By using the toes on the front of the toe jack, the tool can be pushed under areas where there is little clearance and lift large quantities of weight.

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